We can supply & fit a FireAngel CO-9B LED CO detector during our visit for £29.99

Gas boiler service

The boiler is one of the most expensive and essential items in your home. To keep the boiler working safely all year round, it is important that you have it serviced regularly.

Here at Update Boilers we know the importance of servicing and how it should be done. We do not fool you in to believing the appliance was serviced like others in the industry, when a basic safety check is all that is carried out.

Here are four key benefits of regularly servicing your boiler

Safety: While gas leaks are rare, regular maintenance will help avert any such incidences and keep your home/family safe.

Energy efficiency: Regular servicing is also a great way of ensuring that your boiler uses energy in the most efficient manner and does not hike your energy bill.

Extend boiler life: An annual gas boiler service will ensure that you can use your boiler for the longest time possible.

Boiler cover claims: Importantly, even if you have a boiler cover, the home insurance company may require boiler service records to honour your boiler repair claim.

With a wide variety of gas boilers in the U.K. manufacturers generally require a standard approach to annual servicing, however in most cases, they have specific requirements and checks that must be done to allow the safe and continued operation of the appliance.

Here at Update Boiler Services we understand that a consumer should reasonably assume that when procuring a service of your gas boiler, different providers should offer a similar, high-quality service, to a standardised format. So we will always service an appliance in accordance with the manufacturers service instructions and with due regard to the Heating & Hotwater Industry Council customer service charter.

In addition to the above we will check your radiators as well a controls to ensure they are all working correctly and can offer at extra cost a gas soundness test to confirm there are no leaks.

HHIC Customer Service Charter

1. We will keep our Customers safe and always leave the appliance we have worked on in a safe condition

2. We will attend your home on time

3. We will show our Gas Safe Register ID card when we arrive and clearly introduce ourselves. We will be competent, suitably qualifed and accredited to carry out the work we undertake

4. We will have the correct equipment needed to undertake the service

5. We will work in accordance with all relevant legal requirements

6. We will service your boiler with due regard to the boiler manufacturers’ instructions, and the HHIC Benchmark standard

7. We will normally be with you for no less than 30 minutes

8. We will always be polite and courteous; we’ll treat your home with care and respect

9. We will give you a route to provide feedback

10. We will inform you of any safety defect, or any further work required, and will provide you with a record of the work completed if you request this


We will always service a boiler in accordance with the manufacturers service instructions & with due regard to the Heating & Hotwater Industry Council customer service charter.


Gas boiler service from £50 (rate dependent on need for serviceable parts). Central heating controls and radiators checked as standard.


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