We can supply & fit a FireAngel CO-9B LED CO detector during our visit for £29.99


'Smart' controls and thermostats are the latest development in home heating with technology being continually developed to make heating systems as efficient as possible.

A smart thermostat can allow you to remotely control your home's temperature through a tablet, smartphone or desktop via the iPhone or Android Smart App for greater control over your central heating.

Most smart thermostats can adjust temperature based on factors such as local weather and humidity and can sense when the property is empty, switching the heating off to conserve energy. With such features as geofencing (location based programming) and GPS, thermostats can detect when the user is returning to the property and fire up the boiler automatically. Voice control has become the latest feature, in the form of Alexa on the Amazon Echo or Siri using Apple Home Kit, being able to simply tell your thermostat to turn your heating on or off.

The latest thermostats using OpenTherm protocol can also monitor how your boiler is performing, as well as providing more precise control on the boiler, allowing it to operate in condensing mode to match the varying demand signal set by the smart thermostat.

So, what is wrong with a good old mechanical thermostat?

Nothing but things have moved on, historically these types of thermostats were

uninspiring boxes fitted on a wall with a simple dial and are pretty limited.

Normally set to 21° during the initial installation and largely forgotten.                


 Heating represents the biggest portion of most domestic energy bills especially during the winter months. Heating your home more efficiently means you don’t waste energy unnecessarily resulting in lower fuel bills. Most smart thermostats have an added feature using an app, where you can track, record and measure how you use your heating and can be more mindful of how much it’s going to cost, as well as highlighting where there’s money to be saved.

Would you like your smart thermostat installed by a professional?

If you prefer the reassurance of knowing a professional has done the job, installation costs start at £60 when purchased seperately. 


Do you own a combination boiler? Is there a long delay in getting hot water at the tap outlet?

CombiSave is a thermostatically operated valve that can be fitted to the majority of new and existing wall hung combi-boilers. By controlling the flow of water during the initial firing process, CombiSave accelerates the heating of water and reduces the amount of fuel required, reducing water usage and saving money on gas.

Supply and fitting -  £149


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What's available?

What's available?

Due to an increased demand for home automation, Update boiler services now offer advice and guidance to make sure you choose the right system for your property.


What's available?

What's available?

What's available?

All leading control manufacturers have a wide range of smart controls to suit all heating system configurations including some of the boiler manufacturers like Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Vokera to name a few.


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What's available?

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